No matter the products you choose for your home or commercial property project, you’ll find that the flooring and countertops you purchase from Elite Builder Services are backed by industry-leading warranties and excellent customer service for your piece of mind. Enjoy your new surfaces with confidence.

If you notice manufacturing defects or damage, please contact us as soon as possible. Whether you have a lifetime warranty, limited warranty, or commercial warranty, we’ll guide you through the appropriate claims process to ensure everything is made right.

Care & Maintenance

To help maintain your warranty, proper care and maintenance according to your product manufacturer’s guidelines is required. We’ve laid out general care guidelines for each of our product categories below to help you get started.

Natural Stone, Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Variations in sheen, color and shade, irregular markings, voids and veins are natural characteristics of stone that won’t affect its function. Any normal wear may cause cracks and voids to appear, all of which are readily repaired with grout or epoxy. You can avoid damage caused by dirt by placing floor mats on both sides of exterior entryways. Sweep or vacuum regularly to pick up dirt and prevent abrasion. If wiping or mopping, use warm water and only neutral pH cleaners. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Never use powders, creams, vinegar, acids, or alkaline. Clean spills as soon as possible. Use floor protectors on furniture legs, and never drag furniture across the floor without protection. Use coasters to prevent water damage and trivets to avoid heat damage. If your stone is in a shower area, use squeegees to prevent the buildup of soap scum. Large stone surfaces such as flooring may be best cared for by a licensed maintenance company.


Wood floors can maintain their strength and beauty for many years even with basic maintenance. Routinely use a dust mop, soft broom, or vacuum cleaner without a beater bar to remove loose dirt, especially in high-traffic areas. All spills should be wiped up immediately using a clean cloth. Avoid wet mopping or liquid cleaners. Block UV sunlight with protective window coverings. High-quality entryway mats will help you avoid tracking in corrosive substances, and furniture pads will reduce denting and scrapes. Keep any pets’ nails trimmed and paws clean to avoid scratching and stains. You should also maintain your room’s relative humidity to reduce the expanding and shrinking of your natural wood. Avoid steel wool, scouring pads, acrylics, urethane, wax, polish, oils, soaps, detergents, shine enhancers, varnish, spray mops, steam cleaners, and water in general.


Vacuum at least once per week – daily in high-traffic areas. Some seams may be slightly visible based on the color and style you select.

Countertops, Slabs, and Other Solid Surfaces

Our quartz countertops already stand up to scratches, chips, and stains. They never require sealing, polishing, or reconditioning. Everyday care to keep your countertops crumb-free and clean is simple and easy. Use a dishcloth or soft sponge with warm water. For more stubborn cleanups, add a gentle liquid cleaner. For tough stains, wipe up as much material as possible with a soft cloth. Never use an abrasive sponge or tough bleach-like cleaner, as these can damage your countertops. You can also avoid damage from heat by using heat pads or trivets under hot pans.


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