From countertops to shower walls, we have an array of natural and engineered stones your homebuyers can select from to meet the needs of their lifestyle. Once the perfect product is selected, the fabrication process is done completely in-house.


Custom Fabricated

Custom-made, stone slab countertops are created from a single piece of stone that you choose as the homeowner or builder. There is a virtually endless range of colors and textures available, and no two custom surfaces are alike — you’re truly getting a completely unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Custom countertops offer continuity in color and texture, even if multiple pieces need to be cut and seamed. Seams are less noticeable, and edges can be customized. Cut slabs to any dimensions to suit nearly any project, from islands to tabletops and more.

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Countertop | Elite Builder Services
Countertop | Elite Builder Services


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